Our Partners

Our Partners are our brokers.  Mortgage brokers, Attorneys, Accountants, and Financial Planners play a vital role in our business.  We receive about 90% of our business directly from brokers.  We always protect our brokers, as well as, strive to make their job as simple and straightforward as possible.  Please contact us directly at any time to discuss a scenario.

Why Broker to Us?

  1. We do not cut property values! WCF strives to maintain a reputation for not cutting values arbitrarily so that we can be in a deal less than 65%.  We lend 65% of the real value.  We do not cut values.
  2. We do not keep you guessing! WCF is committed to being straightforward with our customers and brokers so that they know what is occurring in the loan transaction.  We promise a straightforward answer.
  3. We are flexible! Although we do not have a product for every scenario, we strive to be the most flexible equity lender in the business.  If we don't have a product, we'll make one!
  4. We are fast! WCF is committed to have a streamline process and processing a loan fast.  Almost without exception our residential deals close in less than 2 weeks, and commercial in less than 1 month.
  5. We protect brokers!

Worth Capital Funding, Inc.

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