After running a large mortgage broker shop for years, David and Jon David Huffman saw the huge potential of hard money lending. As Jon David Huffman put it, “We got tired of brokering out such high margin deals.” During this time, the Huffman’s established a relationship in Florida where they did short-term interim financing for property flipping. They saw the tremendous opportunity in this niche to provide high margin financing. During these experiences the Huffman’s met Mr. Coffsky. The three of them started to brainstorm about the reality of starting a hard money lender.

After discussion and learning of each other’s history it seemed perfect to start this type of business. The Huffman’s experience in running a mortgage company and Mr. Coffsky’s experience in direct sales in “hard money” lending presented all the pieces necessary to make a successful “hard money” lender. In order to accomplish our goals, we have assembled a experienced management team and initial capital financing to form a hard money lender. The management team of Worth Capital has been brought together using each other strengths to build a team of success. Mr. David Huffman, President and CEO, has years of experience running successful finance, real-estate, and technology companies. Mr. Barry Coffsky, Executive V.P. of Sales and Marketing (currently retired), has had over 20 years of very successful direct sales in the mortgage industry. Mr. Jon David Huffman, Executive V.P. of Operations has significant experience in running the day-to-day operations of a mortgage company.

Worth Capital Funding, Inc. was started in early 2006 to meet the growing need for an industry leader in equity lending (sometimes called Hard Money). The founders realized the huge opportunity for a fast and flexible lender in the Southeastern U.S. Since that time, WCF has established itself as an industry leader in both service and flexibility of products.'


Management Team

From Left to Right: Jon David Huffman, David Huffman, Barry Coffsky

David W. Huffman - President/CEO & Founder

Mr. Huffman has over 25 years experience in forming and running technology and real estate businesses. His most recent business venture led to an acquisition by a DSL.net (NASDAQ: DSLN). Mr. Huffman qualifies as a licensed mortgage lender in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. He holds a B.A. from Auburn University in architecture and has done extensive residential and commercial development and construction. Mr. Huffman has the perfect entrepreneur spirit, as well as, the diversity in development, construction, mortgage lending, business experience, and financial strength to provide the core leadership to WCF.

Jon David Huffman - Executive V.P. of Operations & Founder

Jon David Huffman, son of David Huffman, has been actively involved with his father in the management of their business ventures for the past 12 years. Most recently he was responsible for running the day to day operations for a Mortgage Broker. His experience in management, understanding of construction, and thorough understanding of mortgage processes position him uniquely to manage the operations of WCF. His responsibilities include underwriting, secondary marketing, and portfolio management.

Barry Coffsky



Our Mission at Worth Capital Funding, Inc. and the family of associated companies is to maximize stakeholder value as a real estate mortgage lender. We originate, hold, service and trade high-quality first mortgages on real property primarily in the southeastern United States. In doing so we intend and to be respected for excellent client service and investment performance.


We believe these values serve as important guidelines and expect all of our decisions and activities to demonstrate them. A shared acceptance of our values builds a solid foundation for a successful company. We value...

Honesty and integrity. We are committed to the highest levels of ethical conduct in our dealings with each other and with those outside our organization. We draw upon the Bible as our source for instruction. We attempt to always act with our clients’ and stakeholders’ best interests in mind. We believe this fosters loyalty and strong, long-term working relationships.

Initiative and a strong work ethic. We are committed to putting forth our best effort in all endeavors. Hard work, motivation and initiative are essential elements of our success, and we recognize and reward all employees for their individual contributions. This provides satisfaction and pride in a job well done.

Excellence. We seek the highest possible quality in people, work environment, client service, investment assets and asset management. Our attention to excellence means that we ascribe to high professional standards in everything we do. From this, we gain success in the business. This distinguishes us in the marketplace.

Trust and respect. We promote a sense of personal self-worth by treating each other with respect and by trusting each other to fulfill individual responsibilities. We respect our differences and provide freedom and flexibility to perform the work and achieve the goals we have agreed upon. This makes us more effective, cohesive and fulfilled in our work.

Clear communication. We communicate frequently and openly. We clearly share our expectations of each other, and we honor the commitments we make. This enables us to have more effective and efficient working relationships.

Enjoying our work. We create a positive work environment which allows everyone to enjoy and gain satisfaction and personal growth from the work they do. This leads to increased fulfillment, higher morale, improved performance and less stress. We recognize that our employees have lives outside the office and that these lives must be fulfilling and satisfying in order for all of us to be successful.

Teamwork. We work in ways that capture the collaborative efforts of everyone in and associated with the company. We make better decisions as teams than we make individually. We recognize our need for leadership and balance this with the concept of teamwork.

Worth Capital Funding, Inc.

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